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09.07.20 How to Support Children with Returning to School

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29.06.20 Pupils back at school


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16.06.20 Daeth Angharad Tomos at ddisgyblion Blwyddyn 2. (Welsh only available...)
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21.05.20 Gwasanaeth Newydd Awen Meirion (Welsh Only Available...)

Gwasanaeth Newydd Awen MeirionClick here for more information


04.05.20 Paws and read session

Golchi DwyloPaws and read session with Mr Hattle and Herbie the dog.


01.05.20 Don’t Touch Tell presentation.

Golchi DwyloDon’t Touch Tell presentation.


01.05.20 Fair trade

Golchi DwyloThank you Mr Martin Stott for giving a presentation on fair trade and thank you for the fair trade products.


01.05.20 NSPCC

Golchi Dwylo NSPCC presentation.


01.05.20 Merlota

Weekly horse riding at Bwlcghwyn.

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01.05.20 Mr Hattle achub mynydd

Golchi Dwylo Mr Hattle’s presentation on mountain rescue.


01.05.20 Open the Book.

Golchi DwyloOpen the Book.


01.05.20 Poster compertition

Golchi DwyloHealthy eating poster compertition. Thank you Mrs Laura Bugby for organising and to the local shops for donating the prizes.


01.05.20 St.David’s Celebration

Golchi DwyloSt.David’s Celebration



30.04.20 Painting without paint

WaterArt work Year 7 – Painting without paint.

Click here for more information

28.04.20 Washing our Hands

Washing our HandsHere we are learning to wash our hands correctly.

28.04.20 New equipment in the outdoor area

New equipment in the outdoor area We have had new equipment in the outdoor area. We turned the little shed into a vet's surgery to look after animals.

28.04.20 Healthy snacks

Healthy snacksWe recieved healthy snacks for our class cafe from Mrs Laura Bugby after taking part in a competition to create posters to promote healthy eating.


28.04.20 Benji the hamster

Benji the hamsterMiss Roberts brought Benji the hamster to school so we could learn how to care for pets.

28.04.20 Water

WaterWe had fun trying to work out how to move the water from one place to another without losing a drop.

28.04.20 Art work on the topic Sea and mountains

Art work on the topic Sea and mountainsThis is our art work on the topic Sea and mountains. The pupils who had joined the urdd were going to compete in the eisteddfod with this work, hopefully there will be another chance to do this in the future.

28.04.20 Building a car for Strempan

QR CodeHere are Year 2 pupils explaining how they went about building a car for Strempan.

Click here to view the video

28.04.20 Art Work

Art WorkGwaith Blwyddyn 9 TGAU - Celf - Jennifer Collier (Welsh Only Available...)

Gwaith Celf - Peintio efo Coffi - Blwyddyn 7 (Welsh Only Available...)

Gwaith Celf - Peintio efo Coffi 7 Cader (Welsh Only Available...)

Gwaith Celf - Peintio efo Coffi Blwyddyn 8 Aran (Welsh Only Available...)

Gwaith Celf - Peintio efo coffi Blwyddyn 8 Cader (Welsh Only Available...)

13.11.19 Children in need

Cyngerdd yr UrddNon-school uniform day 15/11/19 - Click here to see more

26.09.19 School Dates 2019 - 2020

Cyngerdd yr UrddClick here to view the School Dates

16.05.19 Cyngerdd yr Urdd

Cyngerdd yr UrddCyngerdd yr Urdd – 21/05/19 - Click here to see more

29.03.19 Year 11 Revision Timetable Easter Holidays

AnniYear 11 Revision Timetable Easter Holidays - Click here to see more

29.03.19 Year 11 Revision Timetable

AnniYear 11 Revision Timetable - Click here to see more

27.03.19 Year 9 Options Information Booklet

AnniYear 9 Options Information Booklet - Click here to see more

21.02.19 St David's Day Concerts 2019

gwyl ddewiDinas Mawddwy site - click here

Dolgellau site - click here

Llanelltyd site - click here

Rhydymain site - click here

Friog site - click here

12.02.19 Key Dates and Information

AnniKey Dates and Information - Click here to see more

09.01.19 Raising a fantastic total

AnniThank you Ysgol Bro Idris for rasing a fantastic £738.85 - Click here to see more

21.11.18 Local Artist

imageYear 10 have been extremely lucky to have a local artist, Tyr Pinder, come to the school to give some life drawing lessons. They have been using a variety of media to produce very basic body forms to look for tone and using different coloured pastels to show this. They have had the opportunity to draw from life and develop their skills over the 3 weeks. Their work will be shown in Celf Aran Arts, Ty Siamas, Dolgellau throughout January so be sure to pop in and see what they have achieved.


06.09.18 Anni Show

AnniIn the Hall at the Main Site, December 11th, 12th, 13th - Click here to see more

06.09.18 School Dates 2018 - 2019

imageClick here to view the School Dates

20.07.18 Dinas Mawddwy Site

imageProjects, Visits and more - click here (Welsh only available)

20.07.18 Rhydymain Site

imageClwb Cybi, School Council and more - click here (Welsh only available)

13.07.18 Year 8 Clay Work

imageArt work in clay by Year 8 pupils - click here to view the photos

06.07.18 Summer Calendar 2018

imageClick here to view the calendar

05.07.18 Music Workshop

imageYsgol Bro Idris Music Workshop 2018 - click here to view the photos

06.06.18 Llwyddiannau Bro Idris - Eisteddfod yr Urdd 2018 (Welsh only available)

imageLlongyfarchiadau i Lois ar ennill y 3ydd wobr yng ngystadleuaeth unawd Blynyddoedd 7-9. Gwych. Hwiangerdd Americanaidd oedd y gân

imageCriw o fechgyn Blwyddyn 7 a fu'n Llefaru Y Ras Geir. Da iawn chi hogia.

imageChwalu muriau Jerico oedd y gan 'roedd Parti Merched Blynyddoedd 7 - 9 yn ei ganu yn eu cystadleuaeth hwy. Da iawn chi ferched

imageOwen Watkin Jones - llefaru Blwyddyn 2 ac Iau Y Sioe - Perfformiad gwych.

imageCôr Blwyddyn 6 ac iau. Bu'r Côr yn canu ar Lwyfan yr Eisteddfod. Datganiad graenus a safonol meddai'r Beirniaid.

imageParti Dawnsio Gwerin Blwyddyn 6 ac Iau. Da iawn chi.

imageBu Glain yn brysur coginio pizza yng ngystadleuaeth cogurdd. Pizza blasus iawn Glain.

Gwobrau Clef

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